Program Partner
3 000 000 ₽
Option of integrating the partner's speaker (not lower than CEO) into the Main Plenary Session agenda of BIOTECHMED (upon approval of the candidacy and the speech topic)
Option of holding partner's own session within the main BIOTECHMED program / integration of a partner into one of the existing program sessions
Option for the partner's speaker of speaking speak at a session of the main BIOTECHMED program (in your own event / during integration
Partner's participation in the development of the agenda of the selected session(except for the Main Plenary session)
Option of broadcasting a promo video before the Main plenary session "BIOTECHMED" (up to 1 min.)
Broadcast of the partner's promo video before the selected BIOTECHMED session (in your own event / during integration)
Option of integrating a photo of the partner's speaker into the "Speakers" section on the BIOTECHMEDwebsite
Photographing the partner's participation
3 VIP badges
2 additional invitation cards for the official evening event
4 "Delegate" badges
Placement of the partner's logo in the "Business Program" section on the official website "BIOTECHMED"
Placement of the partner's logo with the reference of "With the Support of" before the start of the Main plenary session of "BIOTECHMED"
Option of placing the partner's logo in the venue of a selected BIOTECHMEDsession (session with the participation of the partner's speaker / when organizing partner's own event) (
Placement of information about the partner in the electronic catalog on the BIOTECHMED website
Option of posting news/announcement about the partner's company on the BIOTECHMED website
Priority placement of the partner's advertising banner in the electronic catalog on the BIOTECHMED website
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